Experience Superior Humidity Control with Aprilaire

Aprilaire stands at the forefront of manufacturing whole-home humidifiers, designed to harmoniously operate with your heating and cooling system. These appliances introduce much-needed moisture into your home, ensuring optimal humidity levels for your utmost comfort. By regulating humidity, you'll mitigate the ill effects of dry air on both your health and your possessions.

Professional Installation with Personalized Care

Our team, composed of well-trained and seasoned technicians, specializes in efficiently installing Aprilaire humidifiers in your residence. We collaborate with you, identifying the ideal humidifier solution tailored to your specific needs and financial constraints. We pride ourselves on transparency, offering upfront pricing so you're never left guessing about the cost.

Understanding the Efficacy of Aprilaire Steam Humidifiers

The Aprilaire Steam Humidifier functions by heating water until it vaporizes. This steam is then circulated throughout your home via the ventilation system, making this an extremely efficient method for swiftly elevating and maintaining your home's humidity. These steam humidifiers generate the purest form of natural humidity, operating independently of your home's heating status.

Understanding the Efficacy of Aprilaire Steam Humidifiers

Are you struggling with ailments such as dry skin, static electricity, asthma, or shrinking hardwood? These issues may well be exacerbated by insufficient humidity during the chilly winter months. In Springfield, Missouri, we often resort to our heaters for extended periods. However, operating a heating system can dry out the air, especially true when using a gas furnace. While various humidifiers could work in your home, only three types seamlessly integrate with your heating system: bypass, powered, and steam. Here at SS&B Heating & Cooling, we unequivocally recommend steam humidifiers. The bypass and power humidifiers rely on your heating system to convert water particles into humidity, which can only occur if the system is actively heating. During mild days when the heating system isn't frequently running, these humidifiers struggle to deliver adequate humidity. If your home uses a heat pump, the low supply air temperature makes these humidifiers even less effective. The steam humidifier overcomes these hurdles with its own heat source, enabling it to generate humidity and distribute it throughout your home via ductwork, independent of the furnace's heat.

Investing in Aprilaire Humidifiers: What to Expect

We specialize in the installation of Aprilaire Humidifiers, with costs typically ranging from $2822 to $3222, contingent upon your heating system's configuration and installation complexity. Note that these steam humidifiers necessitate a dedicated electrical circuit, the installation of which should be conducted by a licensed electrician. This is not included in our pricing estimate.

Maintenance Is Paramount – For All Humidifiers

Proactive maintenance is crucial to the longevity and efficacy of your Aprilaire humidifier. Particularly, steam humidifiers require annual maintenance, costing around $120 when bundled in our regular visits under the SS&B Heating & Cooling Peak Performance Maintenance Program.

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