Aprilaire Steam Humidifiers will increase the level of humidity in the air by heating up water until it boils. Once the water is boiled the steam from it will be pushed through your home’s vents by the system’s fan. This type of humidifier is the fastest and most efficient method of increasing and maintaining the right level of humidity in your home. Steam humidifiers also produce the purest and natural humidity for your home and will run regardless of your home’s heating situation.

Having trouble with dry skin, static electricity, hardwoods shrinking, or asthma? All of these problems and more can be caused in part by low humidity during the winter months. In Springfield Missouri, we have a lot of months that we run our heaters. As a heating system operates it dries out the air, this is particularly true with a gas furnace. There are various types of humidifiers that you could choose to use in your home. As for the ones that will integrate with the heater in your home, there are 3 basic types, bypass, powered and steam. The steam humidifier is the only one that SS&B Heating & Cooling recommends. The reason for that is that the bypass and the power humidifier both rely on the heat of the heating system to change the water particles to humidity which can only be accomplished if the system is on and heating. There are many days that the central heating system does not run enough to deliver an adequate amount of humidity to the home. If you have a heat pump the fact that the supply air temperature is so low it makes these types of humidifiers even less appealing. The steam humidifier has its own heat source giving it the ability to produce humidity, turn on the furnace fan, and send humidity through the ductwork and into the home without the help of the heat from the furnace.

We install Aprilaire Humidifiers. The installed cost will range between $1690 and $2100 depending on the configuration of the heating system and the ease of installation. These steam humidifiers also require a dedicated electrical circuit which should be installed by a licensed electrician and is not included in our price range estimate.

Maintenance Is a Must - For All Humidifiers

The steam humidifier requires yearly maintenance. If you are on SS&B Heating & Cooling’s peak performance maintenance program the yearly maintenance cost is approximately $120 if done as a part of the regular maintenance visit. We are happy to service your humidifier if you do not participate in our program. Feel free to give us a call to schedule your free in-home estimate!