When furnaces are designed and operated at the factory it is in a
clean and controlled atmosphere.
In the real world, conditions are much different. There is dust, debris,
cobwebs, etc. that affect the safety and operations of your furnace.
For instance, a small cobweb can interrupt the flow of gas from the
burner orifice causing a delayed ignition. A condition where the gas
builds up prior to ignition creating a small explosion within the
furnace. This is a dangerous scenario that can be avoided by having your
furnace regularly cleaned, adjusted and serviced by a professional
Besides the potential safety hazards of a neglected furnace, there is
also the efficiency and capacity that are affected. A clean and properly
tuned furnace will cost less to operate and deliver the full amount of
heat that it was designed to produce.
There is also your health to consider. The furnace moves the air that
you breathe. A dirty furnace will emit dirty air. The entire system
should be cleaned and new filters should be installed at regularly
scheduled intervals.
If you are not on a planned maintenance program you should contact a
qualified professional heating company and sign up today.
Your heating and cooling system is the most significant mechanical
component within your home. A properly maintained heating and air conditioning system will last longer, operate cheaper and break down less often.