Ever hear the saying “If you don’t like the weather here in Missouri, just wait 5 minutes”? Here in Springfield, we know just how true that statement can be. It’s not uncommon to have your heat running one night and your air conditioner running the next day. At SS&B Heating & Cooling, we know that our area can have wide temperature swings and high summer time humidity. Luckily for us, air conditioner technology is changing to keep up with the weather in southwest Missouri.

The new XV20 and XV18 models of air conditioners and heat pumps from Trane are a dramatic leap forward in home comfort and efficiency. The variable speed compressors in these units can run from 30% to 100% capacity at any particular time, based on your cooling needs. They are constantly changing – just like the temperature outside so that you only use what you need.

For example, on an 80-degree day, your air conditioner would run at a much lower speed and consume less electricity. On a 90 degree day, it would run stronger and on a 100-degree day, even stronger. These longer run cycles at lower speeds increase efficiency, comfort and humidity control. The temperature throughout your home becomes more even from room to room, and you are filtering the air for longer cycles so that your indoor air quality is improved.

Variable speed heating and cooling systems are a vast improvement over what most people are used to and SS&B Heating & Cooling is here to help you learn more about these and other types of comfort systems.

Go Variable and Get Comfortable.