Springfield, MO's HVAC Craftsmanship through Sheet Metal Fabrication

There’s not a better HVAC contractor in the area that does their own sheet metal fabrication for their customers. When it comes to ductwork, you want a team that is knowledgeable and experienced in the craftsmanship and construction of sheet metal fabrication. At SS&B Heating & Cooling in Springfield, MO, we have our own 3,000-square-foot facility for sheet metal fabrication and decades of experience designing ventilation systems for homes and businesses. Let’s dive into why professional sheet metal fabrication and ventilation duct installation is so important.

Why Professional Sheet Metal Fabrication Matters

A poorly designed ventilation system can’t deliver the comfort you should expect from your heating and cooling system. The big problem with prefabricated ducts when it comes to comfort is bad air balancing. This means air isn't evenly distributed throughout rooms in your home or business, resulting in hot or cold spots. It could also lead to higher energy bills due to inefficient air circulation.

Custom-built ducts provide more balanced airflow because they're designed specifically for each room's size, shape, and layout. Custom ductwork eliminates excess noise while also increasing efficiency because there are fewer bends in the ductwork which allows the air to travel faster through the system. Professionally built custom ducts also last longer than prefabricated ones because they don’t have gaps or leaks that allow air to escape.

At SS&B Heating & Cooling, we use only high-quality commercial grade material when fabricating our custom metal ducts for your home or business’s ventilation system. This steel is proudly made in the United States and has a minimum thickness of 26-gauge ductwork for maximum construction excellence and quiet operation. You will see a lower standard metal quality used, especially on residential ducting, when not fabricated by SS&B. We take care in measuring every aspect of your space before we get started so that everything fits perfectly when installed by one of our highly trained technicians. Every duct system installed by SS&B is mastic sealed. This adhesive sealant offers superior strength and longevity as compared to tape. Provides an airtight seal for cleaner air, that’s non-toxic, fireproof, and has a twenty-year lifespan.

When it comes to comfort and energy efficiency, nothing beats professionally built custom ductwork from SS&B Heating & Cooling in Springfield Missouri! Our decades of experience designing ventilation systems for homes and businesses ensures that whatever type of ducting you need will be taken care of with precision and expertise. With our 3,000 square foot facility for sheet metal fabrication, you can trust us to provide exactly what your project requires – no matter the size! Contact us today to learn more about how professional sheet metal fabrication can benefit your home or business!

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