Here's why your furnace and AC should be replaced together for maximum benefits

At SS&B Heating & Cooling, we understand that a well-functioning HVAC system is integral to your home's comfort. If your furnace or air conditioner isn't delivering as expected, it might be time to consider replacing them — yes, both of them at the same time. Why? Well, because they form one unified HVAC system, the smooth and efficient operation of which depends on their compatibility.

How do the Furnace and AC Work Together?

While your furnace and air conditioner might appear as standalone devices, they're indeed inseparable siblings. They share several crucial components, including:

  • A fan
  • Air ducts
  • Evaporator coils
  • A thermostat

Why You Should Replace Both at the Same Time

Your furnace and air conditioner work in unison to create a cozy ambiance in your home. Replacing only one while leaving the other aging could lead to complications that dent your energy efficiency or even induce system malfunctions or failure.

Here are some compelling reasons why replacing them together makes sense:

Consistency in Energy Efficiency: Since the furnace and AC share numerous elements, mismatching old and new systems could dent your energy efficiency. A higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) in your new system could be counteracted by the less efficient older unit.

Cost-effectiveness: If one unit is ready for replacement and the other is nearing its lifecycle end, replacing them together can be more affordable considering labor costs than two separate installations.

Avoiding Malfunctions or Premature Failure: While different systems can coexist if an older system malfunctions, it could impair the new system, leading to costly repairs or premature replacement.

Ensuring Compatibility: Attempting to pair a modern AC with an antiquated furnace could lead to compatibility issues and undue stress.

We should point out that it's not always necessary to replace both your furnace and AC simultaneously. If only one unit is irreparable, repairing the other could be a viable option. However, when both units are due for replacement, certain energy and cost-efficient alternatives are worth exploring.

HVAC Energy-Efficient Replacement Alternatives

If the time has come to replace either your furnace or AC, you can make choices that are both eco-friendly and cost-effective. Here's what we recommend:

Installing an Air-Source Heat Pump: This versatile device can serve as both your heater and air conditioner. It's a particularly good choice in areas with milder winters, like Springfield, MO. By drawing on ambient heat from outside, heat pumps can provide efficient heating without the high costs associated with electric furnaces.

Choosing an Energy-Efficient AC: If you don't need to replace your entire system, upgrading to a more energy-efficient air conditioner can still make a significant difference in your monthly energy bills.

Here in Springfield, MO, our milder winter climate might encourage you to retain your furnace for those chilliest days of the year, while letting an electricity-powered heat pump manage most of the workload.

Rebates and Tax Credits: Maximizing Your HVAC Investment

Investing in a new HVAC system doesn't have to be a financial burden. As a homeowner in Springfield, MO, you can take advantage of various incentives like local utility rebates, federal tax credits, and seasonal Trane equipment rebates.

City Utility Rebates: Springfield's City Utilities offer rebates to homeowners who upgrade to more energy-efficient HVAC systems. By choosing a qualifying product, you can recoup a portion of your initial investment. Rebates are also available with other local utility companies in southwest Missouri.

Federal Tax Credits: The Federal Government offers tax credits to encourage energy efficiency. If you install a qualifying high-efficiency HVAC system, you can apply for a tax credit to reduce your annual tax bill.

Trane Equipment Rebates: Additionally, we are delighted to inform you that Trane, a leading HVAC equipment manufacturer, offers spring and fall rebates on specific equipment. Timing your HVAC system replacement to coincide with these rebate periods can result in substantial savings.

At SS&B Heating & Cooling, we're always ready to help you understand and navigate these incentives, ensuring you get the maximum return on your HVAC investment. Reach out to us to learn more about how these rebates and tax credits can make your upgrade more affordable.

Choose the Right Solution with SS&B Heating & Cooling

When your HVAC system falls short in performance or efficiency, turn to your local SS&B professionals for the right advice on a furnace or air conditioner replacement. Our experienced team can assess and test your HVAC system to identify the most suitable replacement options, which could include an air-source heat pump replacing both units simultaneously.

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