A duct system is designed to move air through your heating and cooling
system and back into the conditioned space. The air is tempered and
cleaned during this process.
Unfortunately, most HVAC duct systems are leaky. The joints are rarely sealed
and therefore lose air or pick up air from nonconditioned spaces. Since
these are nonconditioned spaces the air is untempered and unclean.
Sometimes dirt, moisture, fiberglass insulation, and other undesirable
contaminants are introduced into the air that you breathe through poor
duct connections.
All accessible ductwork should be sealed with duct mastic or pressure
sensitive tape. Duct tape is rarely adequate to properly seal joints.
A leaky duct system can dramatically reduce the quality of air, the
efficiency, and the capacity of your heating and cooling system.
Have a qualified professional heating and cooling company evaluate
your system to see if you should have your ductwork sealed. Studies have
shown that less than 5% of duct systems were properly sealed during
their installation.
A properly sealed duct system will provide better indoor air quality
while keeping systems operating and repair costs down.
We have been to many homes for customers who thought their systems
were undersized because they couldn't keep up. After running a load
calculation and thoroughly inspecting the duct system it was determined
that the system was properly sized and sealing the duct system was all
that was required to make the system function properly, saving the
customer thousands of dollars vs. replacing the equipment.