The RunTru 4WCA4 Packaged Heat Pump Unit

Efficiency and Reliability Combined:

When it comes to heating and cooling your home efficiently, the RunTru 4WCA4 Packaged Heat Pump Unit stands as a reliable choice. This unit, backed by Trane, offers not only exceptional performance but also the peace of mind that comes with robust warranties and labor protection plans. Join us on a journey to explore the features, benefits, and why SS&B Heating & Cooling is your trusted partner for all your HVAC needs.

Budget-Friendly Comfort:

The RunTru 4WCA4 Packaged Heat Pump Unit is designed to deliver efficient heating and cooling all year round. With its integrated heat pump, it's capable of providing both warm and cool air to keep your indoor environment comfortable, no matter the season. This versatility means you don't need separate heating and cooling systems, saving both space and money.

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio):

SEER is a measure of how efficiently an air conditioner or heat pump operates. It represents the cooling output of the system divided by the electrical energy input over an average cooling season. In this case, a SEER rating of 13.4 SEER2 suggests that the system is moderately efficient, with higher ratings indicating better efficiency.

Single Stages:

"Single stages" typically refers to single-stage cooling or heating systems. These systems have only one level of operation—full capacity. They are either "on" or "off," making them less energy-efficient compared to systems with multiple stages that can adjust their output to match the current heating or cooling needs more precisely.

Robust Warranty Coverage:

One of the standout features of this unit is its generous warranty coverage. Trane offers a Registered Limited Warranty Period of ten (10) years on the compressor, coil, and parts. Moreover, the heat exchanger is backed by an impressive twenty (20) year warranty. This extensive coverage ensures that you can enjoy reliable performance for years to come without worrying about unexpected repair costs.

Labor Premium Protection Plans:

At SS&B Heating & Cooling, we understand that comprehensive coverage extends beyond parts and components. That's why we offer Labor Premium Protection Plans that can last from five (5) to ten (10) years. These plans include refrigerant, giving you complete peace of mind. With our expert technicians handling any potential labor issues, you can rest easy knowing your HVAC system is in capable hands.

Why Choose SS&B Heating & Cooling:

As a family-owned and operated HVAC company serving Springfield, MO, for years, SS&B Heating & Cooling has built a reputation for excellence. Our commitment to quality service, professionalism, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. When you choose us as your HVAC partner, you're not just getting a heating and cooling system; you're getting a dedicated team of experts ready to ensure your home's comfort and efficiency.

Your Affordable Comfort Solution in Springfield, MO

The RunTru 4WCA4 Packaged Heat Pump Unit offers an ideal combination of efficiency, reliability, and warranty coverage. With SS&B Heating & Cooling by your side, you can trust that your HVAC needs will be met with excellence and commitment. Stay comfortable and worry-free with this exceptional system and our top-notch service. Contact us today to discover the benefits of the RunTru 4WCA4 Packaged Heat Pump Unit in your Springfield, MO home.

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