Secure Your Comfort: Introducing the HVAC Premium Protection Plans

Air conditioning and heating systems are vital to every home's comfort. However, life is unpredictable, and these systems aren't exempted. That's where our HVAC Premium Protection Plans come into the picture.

Our Premium Protection Plans offer affordable options for your new HVAC equipment. JB Warranties, the nation’s leading provider of Extended warranties, powers these plans. These are full-coverage plans backed by an A+ insurance underwriter. There are no hidden deductibles or transfer fees. It's a straightforward and reliable warranty solution. What more could a homeowner ask for?

HVAC Premium Protection Plans. Not only do these plans offer a generous 5 and 10-year labor warranty, but they also ensure that you won't have to stress about refrigerant costs - it's all included!

HVAC systems, even with their advanced designs and components, are not immune to occasional mechanical hitches. Most manufacturer warranties cover the cost of the parts, but the labor expense falls on the homeowner. Did you know that homeowners often face unexpected expenses each year on basic repairs? By opting for our extended coverage, you're investing in peace of mind. You could potentially save thousands over the lifetime of your system, avoiding those unforeseen and expensive repair costs. So, when considering your HVAC needs, don't just think about the present. Plan for the future by choosing one of our Premium Protection Plans.

This commitment to customer satisfaction and foresight in warranty coverage demonstrates why SS&B Heating & Cooling remains a top choice for Springfield, MO residents.

Who Can Benefit from Our Plans?

  • Any brand of home Air Conditioning and Heating systems.
  • Systems must be under 2 years old.

HVAC Maintenance is Crucial

To keep your service agreement active, ensure adherence to the manufacturer's service requirements. If a claim arises, be prepared to provide evidence of proper maintenance.

The Assurance of JB Warranties

Our Premium Protection Plans are under the trusted umbrella of JB Warranties, a respected name in extended warranties. Backed by an A-Rated insurance underwriter, these plans offer peace of mind. While the manufacturer's warranty may be limited to the original homeowner, our extended warranty covers unexpected expenses, ensuring your comfort and convenience.

Heating & Air Conditioning Service Hours

We're committed to prompt service, but please note that repair services and calls are confined to our service dealer's regular working hours so the extra expenses after hour call is not covered.

Understanding Coverage

Our Premium Protection Plans are thorough, but there are situations that fall outside our coverage. These can range from natural disasters, misuse, or neglect in maintenance. For a detailed exclusions list, don’t hesitate to contact our main office.

Smooth Premium Protection Plans Transfers

Selling your home? You can transfer your agreement to the new owners, given the system's maintenance history is consistent. A simple notification to the dealer and a call to the Program Administrator ensures a seamless transition.

The No Lemon Guarantee

This Agreement provides that following the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty term and after three service repairs have been completed for the same problem, on an individual product that requires a fourth repair, as determined by Us, We reserve the right to replace the product with one of like kind and quality not to exceed the original purchase price of the product. This clause will be exercised at our sole discretion.

How to Get Support?

Whenever your product needs attention, SS&B Heating & Cooling is ready to assist during regular hours. And remember, there's no deductible. Claims can be made on agreements that have been in effect for over 91 days.

Why Choose SS&B Heating & Cooling

Modern HVAC systems, despite their state-of-the-art designs, can encounter occasional hitches. While most warranties cover parts, the labor and deductible costs often fall on homeowners. But, our extended coverage is an exception.

What's more, SS&B Heating & Cooling is your service company for these plans. We stand with our customers, shouldering the same costs. And yes, refrigerants are covered!

Unlock peace of mind with our extended warranty plans! Opt for our 5-year labor warranty, starting at the incredibly affordable rate of just $575.00. Or, for even longer protection and assurance, choose our 10-year labor warranty starting at a competitively low cost of $950.00. With SS&B Heating & Cooling, safeguarding your HVAC system has never been more accessible or economical.

Don't Wait Until It's Too Late!

The peace of mind you desire and the protection your HVAC system deserves are within reach. Dive into a world of security, where unexpected costs don’t catch you off-guard. Secure your system with our Premium Protection Plans now and enjoy uninterrupted comfort year-round. Take action today for a worry-free tomorrow.

Your comfort is our commitment.

Call our office now to sign up for our Premium Protection Plans 417-580-9905, Or fill out our convenient online form. We're here to assist you!

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